Search Optimization

Top Keywords from Search Engines


Keyword                                 Percent of Search Traffic

 hershey                                   3.95%

 hershey’s                                 3.86%

chocolate cake recipe            3.47%

 reese’s                                   1.93%

 hersheys                                 1.78%


Search Visits are- 11.60% and are down 38.00% versus the past 3 months.

For Improvement, I believe Hershey’s should make a website for children. This website should include games, coloring activities and pictures tied to the brand. It should also include cartoon videos as well. I believe this would strongly improve the website and help for advertising as well.

I was actually shocked by what things come up when it comes down to searching Hershey’s on Google or any other search engines. To be honest a lot of the information really had to do with the Hershey Theme park and Candy, Then comes the actually products that they sell. They had keywords such as hershey lodge, hershey park lodging, hershey park, Hershey Spa…If I was to search, I would search information on Hershey park consider that’s a place I have visited before. I would also maybe search recipes that would be helpful.


On the bottom, The most successful search comes up which is candy. It was really random and a shocker to think that was searched the most when it comes to Hershey’s. I would think The theme park would be searched more though because that’s what people would want information on. The AVG monthly searches was 273,970 and the competition was medium. The Suggested bid was $1.10

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Some of the most expensive keywords are:

chocolate, dark chocolate, dove chocolate, chocolate bars, personalized chocolate, chocolate gifts, chocolate kisses, bulk chocolate, personalized chocolate bars, kisses chocolate, custom chocolate, chocolate bar wrappers, customized chocolate, hershey park chocolate factory, custom chocolate bars, make your own chocolate bar, personalized chocolates, diabetic chocolate, personalized chocolate gifts, personalized chocolate bar wrappers… These are all the highest which is $3.95